Thursday, February 2, 2012

Expo - Arrival

Today was real a day to get here and get settled. There is a seminar this evening but the real learning starts tomarrow.

I arrived in Cincinnati this morning to attend the PhotoPro Expo 2012. I am super excited as this is my first foray into photoaphic conventionering. I have been to a number of aviation conventions and there is always so much to see in such a compressed timeframe. 
Exiting the airplanes presented a striking image of the economy in this area as seen below.
 When the economy tanked, ComAir had been one of the largest regional airlines in the country meriting their own terminal in Cincinnati. The had been bought out by Delta Airlines while Delta was using CVG as an international hub. Post economic crash, the ComAir terminal was closed and was incorporated into the main terminal.
Enter the Northwest/Delta merger. There goes the international hub. Detroit was already serving that capacity. If the lack of people in the terminal at 10:30 on a Thursday morning does not make it clear, the image below brings even more clarity.
I was able to get a room at the Marriott which was the convention hotel and the one that was directly connected to the Greater Northern Kentucky Convention Center. This was the view I was given from my 12th floor room of the downtown Cincinnati waterfront. 

Once I get going with the various seminars it will be non-stop action here is the line-up for my next few days. 
   7:30-10:00 PM for Youth Sports with John Pittman and Jim Seers
   7:30-9:00     Client Relations with Rebecca and Jason Weaver
   9:30-12:30   Marketing withnSara Petty
   1:30-2:00     Lightroom 4 Preview with David Ziser
   2:00-5:00     Future of Photography with Vincent Laforet
   5:00-7:00     Fashion with Lindsay Adler
   8:30-11:00   Cool Studio with Kirk Voclaim
   7:30-9:00     Lighting with Rick Ferro
   9:30-12:30   Style with Jerry Ghionis
   12:30-4:00   Trade Show
   4:00-6:30     Artistic with Joel Grimes
   7:00-8:30      Speedlight with Syl Arena
   9:00-12:00    Light It, Shoot It, Retouch It with Scott Kelby
   12:00-4:00    Trade Show
   4:00-6:30      Surviving with Skip Cohen

I'll have more later... Doug

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