Thursday, August 30, 2012

What a Mess..

    Last week I was returning to my Hotel in Columbus OH and exiting the highway I was directed by a motor officer to make a turn. One that was in the opposite direction from the direction I desired. So I pulled into a gas station to get turned around before the traffic back-up grew too long. It was about ten minutes which was not bad at all. The amazing and mildly pathetic activity that occurred next is nothing but government waste.
    First off roughly ten motor officers shot through the intersection followed by three squad cars. Eventually two or three Suburbans cam on through followed by two white fifteen passengers utility vans. Finally another five or six motor officers. 
    There are a couple of items here. First to Paul's credit, he turned down service protection earlier in the year saying it was a form of welfare. Guess he has taken another look at that one. He also made the statement that it costs around fifty thousand dollars a day for candidate protection by the Secret Service. Some sources have the 2012 candidate protection will cost at least 113 million dollars. Somehow I doubt all this is being picked up by the individual campaigns.
I am sure a sufficient level of bodily protection can be maintained with one eighth the man power I witnessed last week. Certainly there can be some savings in this area. It will take every department of our government taking serious cuts to stop the bleeding of our treasury dollars.
Enough of my soap boxing.

Have a great weekend, and take care... Doug

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