Friday, February 10, 2012

The Big Fudd...

I have been a long time fan of the Fudrucker's hamburger chain. I have dined at the original Fuddruckers in San Antonio not to far from the airport. I was disappointed a number of years ago when the Fuddruckers in Grand Rapids closed (it we eventually replaced with a Carraba's with is another fav of mine) so when ever I am flying through the Detroit Airport, I try to stop by the Fuddruckers in Concourse C. The problem is that there is usually a line out into the concourse and I don't have enough time between flights. So the other day on my way to White Plains NY after getting off the airplane, I looked down the concourse and saw no line at Fud's, this was a good sign... So I thought. 

Walking into the eatery, I noticed there were no cashiers but three kiosks. Ok, at first I thought this looked efficient.

Now I have always liked the 1/3 pounder with the pumped melted cheese on it. This option was not available as there was not a cheese pump in sight. For 0.75 more I could get cheese on my hamburger. After a number of options on the Kiosk, I was finally able to get a drink for $2.75.
The kiosk accepted a credit card and if you wanted to pay cash, you had to pay the non-existent cashier. So I became the invisible man waiting at the cashier station. It was not until my burger was ready and the gal behind the counter was keeling out FIFTY... NUMBER FIFTY! After I got her attention that I was at the cash register holding up a ticket and cash and not the food delivery counter did she realize I wanted to pay cash. In all actuality, I probably could have just picked up the burger and she would not have been the wiser. At least that way I would have gotten my money's worth.
So she took my money and turned away. I had to get her attention again so she could give me a cup to with she grabbed a cup and sat it upside down onto of the kiosk. Am glad we have antibodies to fight off germs as I am sure that was not the most sterile of surfaces.
Obviously there were plenty of seats available so I found one in the corner to consume on of the biggest culinary disappointments in my life. 
I could go into great detail here describing the pathetic looking burger but suffice it to say, I will not be returning to this Fuddruckers EVER! If given the opportunity I may attempt a run at a regular retail store but never in a terminal.
Fuddruckers... You may only have one more opportunity to impress.

Take care all... Doug

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