Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It All About The Process (Introduction)

Call it Workflow, Process, Task Management or what have you... What ever you call working on a project, it still requires some planning which requires preparation and organization.

When we are talking about a photographic project, be it a simple portrait shoot or a full fledged video production, the following five steps are required.

Vision - Compose - Capture - Process - Present

Actually there are many more points to consider but if I got into all of them here this post would be way too long and I would not have any material for later posts. I will be expanding on these every other Thursday so there will be links to all the other posts on each posting so not to worry if you find this interesting. He we go!

What I am referring to in vision, it the point of seeing the end before the beginning. You may have no clue what so ever about how you are going to get there but you have a clear idea of what you what the end to be. That is a fairly concise vision.

We will get into just how the vision is brought to fruition in the composition of people, places and things.

This point in the process is the joint application of technical and artistic talents of the photographer.

This is not the process in the usage of the term to this point but rather the post processing of the images attained during the capturer stage.

No that the project is done, it is truly not complete until it is in condition to present it to the public. We will hit on this point as well.

So come on back over the next couple of weeks and we can get into it.

Take care all... Doug

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