Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Process Series - Vision

Vision - Compose - Capture - Process - Present

This is the second post but first subject in the Photography Process Series. A last week was the introduction to the series and I hope you will stick around with me. Anytime you would like to leave a comment just e-mail me at doug@peekfoto.com. Here we go!

Vision - What is it, where does it come from, how do we influence it and finally what do we do with it. How about this for a definition.

Vision is the clear mental image of an undefined 

or previously unknown goal.

In the creatives eye it is a sculpture, painting, building, or to a photographer, a image. So why did I include building in that list? Creatives by nature imagine things and see things other people do not. To an architect, the vision is that finalized mental picture of a building

Where - Where does vision come from. Well if it is previously undefined, it must come from the mental inspiration we receive from viewing other created things or beings.

When we look at other creatives work, we often get inspiration. These inspiring thoughts and views help to prompt or awaken our own creative thinking. This is not just a different take on the same image or work, but a whole new idea that the viewing triggered in our own mind. That is vision. You could call it synergy of thought.

How - Here is an example. Writing takes imagination and creativity. If there is no goal set to what you wish to write, you are simply babbling. It might be nicer to call it brain dumping, rambling of ranting if you actually have a point but no course to follow. Kind of what I am doing right now in this paragraph.
Ok, that might be a little simple but hopefully you get the point. There are many ways to gain vision but one thing for sure is not to have your mind full of thoughts of other things in life. Bills, arguments (past and present), relational problems all need to be cleared from your mind if you expect to have any hope of being inspired to gain vision.

Step one - Clear you mind. Some people will meditate, others listen to calming music, unfortunately some turn to drugs. What I do is pray. Giving my thoughts and concerns to God allows my mind to open up to fresh new ideas. Are any of these 100% successful? No! Sometimes we just get into a creative funk. Thats when it is time to step back for a couple of days.

Step two - Observe things that can generate inspiration. A musician might listen to music of other artists of the same style. I occasionally do technical writing and I will read other tech manuals prior to starting a project to get into the mode of writing. Photographers have it easy. There are literally thousands of web sites to peruse to get inspiration for whatever type of photography you are shooting.
Take time to look beyond the facade of what you see. Look at the shadows, the lighting, the detail. What went into the image? If you spend the time you will get a glimpse of what the originator had envisioned. Did you see the gaff on the opening image? Scroll back and take another look if you missed it.

The catch lights are from different directions. A vision is also a malleable entity, never complete until the final touch. In the eyes gaff, when I noticed it (right after I flipped a single eye in Photoshop) it became part of the vision of this posting. Not knowing exactly where it would be used until right now, yet a piece of the visionary puzzle.

Do - Harnessing the creative vision that results in an image or object that others enjoy is a great incentive for the creative mind.

Clear your mind, expose your thoughts, start to imagine an idea and allow a creative exercise turn into a vision.

Next week we will dive into composition.

Take care all... Doug

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